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August 15, 2013

Time to Tweet

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Very short post this evening – working, writing, and staying organized and I have wedding invitations to finish this evening as well. A great day though 😉

Moving on – I’ve decided to start a twitter account so you can now find me at @sbeth78 so if you want updates on my blogs you can find me there as well 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

August 3, 2013

To tweet or not to tweet?

They say that the best way to gain followers and become respected as an expert on a certain subject all you have to do is write regularly and make sure your content is spot on and relevant. Piece of cake, right? Like most of you I have my blogs linked to my Facebook, but since I do not have a Twitter account this is my only way of promoting and getting my words and thoughts out to the word. My question then is do any of you Tweet? At one point I did have a Twitter account for an online teaching position that I had, but since I left that position I’ve not used this piece of Social Media. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Any possible pros and cons would be great and if you do use it how has it helped you? If you don’t why haven’t you taken the leap?

I know this post is short, but today I’m just looking for alternative ways to promote my writing and my writing business and wondering if anyone has found Twitter to be a successful marketing tool.

Thanks for the help,

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