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May 25, 2014

Getting back on track

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So here’s to another resolution:  I WILL BLOG!!  I miss my blogs, I really, really do!  This past school year has been insane:

  • I got married 🙂
  • I’ve now finished 6 PhD courses
  • I’ve created my reading lists for my Subject-field exams
  • I’ve put together my dissertation committee and had it approved
  • I’ve taken my language exam (though don’t think I passed and will have to retake)
  • I’ve changed positions at my job

And that is only the start as I am about to begin my final course work and then I have my exams this summer so I can be ABD by September 1.  We are also moving so all the “to-dos” that come with that are in the works as well – 700 miles is a long way to go, but ti’s worth it!!

So, while I haven’t been posting I have been writing and working tirelessly towards other goals that are better for our family.  I do want to get back into the habit of posting once per week but with the craziness of exams about to start and this final course oh, and the end of the school year approaching I may have to settle for every other week 🙂

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!


December 11, 2012


We all know some days are better than others.  As we begin the end of 2012 and move into 2013 so many of us hope that the following year will be better and there are also many who think next year could never possibly top the one they are in…. Well, I have a little of both:

Parts of 2012 were great:  I met a beautiful little girl last March, her Daddy proposed in May, and I graduated with a Dual Masters at the end of May…. many things to be happy about and grateful for

But some parts were not so great – the day after graduation I lost my job of 3 years and have been searching, like so many others, since then for a job.  Putting out my resume, making calls, spending hours filling out HR apps and I’ve 4 interviews in just over 6 months… I’m sorry 5 interviews but I don’t count the coffee shop that wouldn’t hire me b/c I am over qualified… really?  You needed people and I needed a job (and still do)

Many of you know that if you are on extended benefits those end on Dec 29, 2012 so going into 2013 is going to be even harder this holiday season if you don’t find some work or if Congress can’t come to some sort of an agreement… but that is for another post (my political views or my other blog 🙂 )

I am also fortunate though that my fiancé is supportive.  He’s been working, got laid off, and is now in another state starting a new job to help support us – I know so many people are in this same predicament.  I’ve even tried to start my own freelancing business this year to jump -start my writing, and it has helped a little, but as anyone self-employed knows, it’s a hard road to walk during the start-up phase.  And, though I am school as well I can’t survive on unemployment even it is extended.  And I don’t want to – why do people so many people seem to think that those of us unemployed for a few months or more aren’t looking or that we don’t want to work?  Really?  I don’t spend excess money; I pay my bills and look for work!

Good Luck to those of you in the same position I am in; I feel for you; and I understand!  Keep searching, be grateful and thankful for what you do have; be positive and I know something will come your way soon!!


October 14, 2012

Alone Time

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Do you enjoy spending time alone?  I used to, and don’t get me wrong, I still like some time to myself.  For instance, today I got my nails done – and I enjoy sitting at the park or the beach (any time of year) with a good book.  But, with school and only editing part time for work and my fiance working 2nd shift, I get plenty of time to myself.  So, when he’s gone for a quick visit to NC I miss him, but I’m good too – I lived alone for the past 2 years… BUT when he’s gone for this long…well… YUCK!  It’s the first time we’ve really been apart in the past 11 months.

Honestly, I did not think it would be hard at all – like I said, I’ve lived alone for he past 2 years and we’ve had our apartment together for less than 2 months, but can I say WOW – I was truly not expecting these feelings and emotions about this.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting at home pining away here, but when people talk about quiet homes and emptiness… let’s just say I now know for sure I am in the right relationship with the right person…

I am sitting here with the Yankees game on TV, wearing his Yankees pj pants… why?  not because I am a fan… I barely know anything about baseball, but it’s his team and he’s working so I am doing what he would do (minus the blogging ; haha) but you get my point.  I actually cried the first night he was gone and each time he calls I get butterflies again and a stupid grin on my face – I mean really, I know we act like teenagers, but these emotions are well… I was never this emotional; maybe I am just getting older…nah (well I am but…) I smile for no reason (well there is one), we laugh all the time and act like kids… So is this what they mean when they say absence makes the heart fonder, is this what they mean?  I’m like a kid in a candy store getting all excited thinking about seeing him in a few days…

So these are my rants for today – still in love and falling more and more each day with the man I will marry…loving how I am feeling – despite the stress of school I am happy and supported; I already love my future step-daughter and enjoy every moment with her; and am looking forward to the family we will be…. miss you and love honey!


August 18, 2012


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How is everyone tonight?

So, I want to apologize for not writing in a while. Business plan writing posts will resume again in the next few days. We have just moved Into our new apartment… Exciting but definitely time consuming.

Still freelancing, still writing, and still living life – now I just need to add in unpacking to that list, but it’s all great!!! And school starts 2.5 weeks… Then the real fun will begin 🙂

It’s a Saturday night and I’m watching pre-season football and unpacking….


June 8, 2012

Crazy is winding down

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Definitely not the productive outcomes I was hoping for this week. Carolina is filling my job internally (can’t help it – I would have been great at the position). But I did talk to a couple of coaches while I was there about my creds, so I know I am high up on the tutor list come the fall 🙂

North Carolina is little different from any other state in regards to their teaching certification application, so I will deal with that come Monday. I did finish the next chapter in my book, outlined the next two, and have made the decision to work for myself 🙂 now to start the business plan, create my website, write, write, write, and find a way to make some income on the side as well!!

The true highlight of the week? Getting Katelyn this afternoon!!!! Well, her aunt and uncle are, which makes my life that much easier. Can’t wait to see her….so much fun stuff planned over the next two weeks 🙂

Back to writing,

May 29, 2012

First official week

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With the holiday, today starts the first official week of unemployment.  Feels surreal.  My last job was all consuming for 3 years and definitely no sense of loyalty there.  It’s been productive though.  I’ve been writing everyday, though I think I really need to make a schedule.  I’ve got all these new projects started and I earned my first freelancing job as well – definitely not too much to take on, but only if I schedule.  So, just a short post today as I want to finish the Introductory Lesson Plan before heading to Tanya’s new house to help unload her moving truck.


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