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July 10, 2014

New Opportunities

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New Opportunities don’t come along everyday as we all know. So while this one is requiring intense training, without pay, and time commitments that I am struggling with I believe the sacrifice will be important in the long-term. Just to be clear the struggle comes from fitting in training around studying for my Comprehensive Exams which are less than one month away and reading for my first Oral-Subject Field exam which is just over one month away – and doing this while preparing to move August 31.

Also, the potential is there to do what I love – WRITE and earn money doing it! That in and of itself is an important long term goal of this new opportunity.

I could easily find some things wrong and yes there are cons since it breaks into my library time and I am still job searching for guaranteed full time work since I left that place of few good memories – but my health was more important, but I digress and this is not the forum for that story.

Push forward in whatever your endeavors are – Me? I am a writer and so I must write – and take any new opportunity that comes along. If I am not writing then I am not being true to myself and that is bad for us all!!


P.S. The fruits of online training are a published piece with my own byline!!

December 11, 2012


We all know some days are better than others.  As we begin the end of 2012 and move into 2013 so many of us hope that the following year will be better and there are also many who think next year could never possibly top the one they are in…. Well, I have a little of both:

Parts of 2012 were great:  I met a beautiful little girl last March, her Daddy proposed in May, and I graduated with a Dual Masters at the end of May…. many things to be happy about and grateful for

But some parts were not so great – the day after graduation I lost my job of 3 years and have been searching, like so many others, since then for a job.  Putting out my resume, making calls, spending hours filling out HR apps and I’ve 4 interviews in just over 6 months… I’m sorry 5 interviews but I don’t count the coffee shop that wouldn’t hire me b/c I am over qualified… really?  You needed people and I needed a job (and still do)

Many of you know that if you are on extended benefits those end on Dec 29, 2012 so going into 2013 is going to be even harder this holiday season if you don’t find some work or if Congress can’t come to some sort of an agreement… but that is for another post (my political views or my other blog 🙂 )

I am also fortunate though that my fiancé is supportive.  He’s been working, got laid off, and is now in another state starting a new job to help support us – I know so many people are in this same predicament.  I’ve even tried to start my own freelancing business this year to jump -start my writing, and it has helped a little, but as anyone self-employed knows, it’s a hard road to walk during the start-up phase.  And, though I am school as well I can’t survive on unemployment even it is extended.  And I don’t want to – why do people so many people seem to think that those of us unemployed for a few months or more aren’t looking or that we don’t want to work?  Really?  I don’t spend excess money; I pay my bills and look for work!

Good Luck to those of you in the same position I am in; I feel for you; and I understand!  Keep searching, be grateful and thankful for what you do have; be positive and I know something will come your way soon!!


July 26, 2012

Productive… Take 2

Hello world,

Another great day – dogs at daycare by 8:30 meant an entire day with my wonderful fiance before he had to head to work!!

  1. Started the day with placing the security deposit on our new apartment 😀 (keys on August 15)
  2. Beach for an hour (too windy); lunch instead
  3. I’ve managed to start reading the “Dummies” book for business plans 🙂
  4. I FINISHED all the remaining i9tems needed for the book I was editing!!!!

So, I am celebrating with my 2nd glass of wine at the moment!  Starting tomorrow I will post business plan steps from the beginning – maybe I can help some of you as I work through this new journey – it will force me to focus, help others, and give me something new to learn that I can possibly contract out for clients – so triple rewards!

Short post tonight since I need to read to be ready for tomorrow 🙂


P.s  I know I am all smiley faces today and yesterday, but I can’t help it – so excited about so many things in my life right now!


July 18, 2012

And… eLance it is

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I don’t usually post twice in one day, but….

Last month I posted about Elance and Guru (both freelancing websites) – you can read that blog if you would like.  In it, I went through what I saw as the pros and cons between the two sites.  After using them both, I’ve decided to downgrade my Guru membership to the Basic and free one.  Why?

  • Seems like a lot of Bogus jobs (no hires ever made)
  • Quite a few proposals with people trying to get free work before they will even consider your proposal – I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like working for free
  • Underpaid adds – y this I mean people putting right in the job description that they want a 50 page report single spaced within one week but only willing to pay $30

So, that being said I’ve decided to stick with eLance as my main source of freelancing – most of the jobs seem more legit.

Ok, just some thoughts for the evening,


June 8, 2012

Crazy is winding down

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Definitely not the productive outcomes I was hoping for this week. Carolina is filling my job internally (can’t help it – I would have been great at the position). But I did talk to a couple of coaches while I was there about my creds, so I know I am high up on the tutor list come the fall 🙂

North Carolina is little different from any other state in regards to their teaching certification application, so I will deal with that come Monday. I did finish the next chapter in my book, outlined the next two, and have made the decision to work for myself 🙂 now to start the business plan, create my website, write, write, write, and find a way to make some income on the side as well!!

The true highlight of the week? Getting Katelyn this afternoon!!!! Well, her aunt and uncle are, which makes my life that much easier. Can’t wait to see her….so much fun stuff planned over the next two weeks 🙂

Back to writing,

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