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July 10, 2014

New Opportunities

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New Opportunities don’t come along everyday as we all know. So while this one is requiring intense training, without pay, and time commitments that I am struggling with I believe the sacrifice will be important in the long-term. Just to be clear the struggle comes from fitting in training around studying for my Comprehensive Exams which are less than one month away and reading for my first Oral-Subject Field exam which is just over one month away – and doing this while preparing to move August 31.

Also, the potential is there to do what I love – WRITE and earn money doing it! That in and of itself is an important long term goal of this new opportunity.

I could easily find some things wrong and yes there are cons since it breaks into my library time and I am still job searching for guaranteed full time work since I left that place of few good memories – but my health was more important, but I digress and this is not the forum for that story.

Push forward in whatever your endeavors are – Me? I am a writer and so I must write – and take any new opportunity that comes along. If I am not writing then I am not being true to myself and that is bad for us all!!


P.S. The fruits of online training are a published piece with my own byline!!

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