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January 25, 2015

My journey continues

What exactly am I doing to get healthy, you may ask? I believe I mentioned in an earlier post the things that I had done to lose weight a few years ago: weight watchers, p90x and last year a stint with CrossFit and Paleo. The one I keep coming back to is BeachBody. So there must be a reason. When I decided to be honest with myself and make the choices I had to make to get myself healthy again, I decided to go with what I knew I liked, but I also knew I needed some extra accountability.

I chose Focus T-25 because it was ONLY 25 minute. Even I can manage that, right?!? Well, let me tell you I’m about to head into week 3 and I’ve lost 9lbs already. Well, I’m not going to lie some of that is from being sick, but more than half is from working out and eating healthy. I tell you this because I don’t believe health should be some well-kept secret that only those with tons of money can have. Being healthy is for everyone and it actually will end up saving you money because less visits to the doctors and when you plan out your meals you tend to spend less at the grocery store and you have less waste because you eat what you buy.

Sounds so simple, huh? Well, when I decided to try Focus T-25 I decided to sign up as a coach. I figured if I could help others while I helped myself that was a win-win. And it is because it keeps me ACCOUNTABIE!! Nothing is worse than not having like-minded people around you to help you with support and motivation. And, I won’t lie a little extra money helps too! So, if you want to get healthy with me, let me know. You can join a challenge group – you get me as your coach pushing you forward, support, motivation, and advice. Or you can step it up notch and be your own coach helping others – I will be there for you through that as well – we have a great team dedicated to helping new coaches.

Coaching Call

Talk to you soon,

July 17, 2012

Book is Ready!!!

Hi all,

So very excited.  My first eBook is ready on AmazonHealthy Weight Loss for the “Normal” Girl

It is a short (30 pages) on my weight loss journey, meant to inspire others to start their own journey to a healthier life!  I’ve linked it to my website as well – SO EXCITED!!!  I believe there are some celebrations in order tonight!!

Keeping it short & sweet b/c I’m so happy,


July 11, 2012

Nerves are settling in

Been a busy week.  So, I heard back from the director of the PhD program at Salve, and I’ve sent in all my documents.  They still have room in the program for this Fall.  Now, I play the waiting game as it has to go to the Dean and then I will hear something.  I am definitely nervous – butterflies in my stomach – you know when you want something really badly, but you really don’t think it will ever happen?  Well, my PhD is in that category.  I want it so bad I can taste it, but I don’t think the reality has fully set in yet.

I am also on day 7 of working out regulatory and eating better again – and I’m definitely feeling discouraged; instead of maintaining or losing weight, I’ve put almost 6 lbs on.  Not sure what is up with that.  We’ll see how this next week goes and then make some adjustments if necessary.  But I started p90x last Thursday and I’ve mixed in some swimming and running.  My goal will be 11 minute miles for the Salve 5K this Fall.

I finished my book editing job – YAY!!!  Now, I am waiting on him to approve the changes so I can compile it all into one document for him – hoping I hear back tonight!

I hired someone to make my cover for my eBook – so hoping to get that up and published ASAP!

All in all, a pretty good week and it’s only Wednesday,

Sara 🙂

July 2, 2012

On a roll

Don’t you love when the creative juices begin flowing again?  I know I sure do.  I’ve finished my first eBook!!  😀

I am waiting to hear back from Apple so I can post it as an iBook, and I’ve started the Kindle Process – the manuscript form is correct, but now I need a cover design and well….that is so NOT my area, so time to hire another freelancer for that part.  I’ve posted that job, so hopefully I will here back from someone soon and then can get that going.  The goal is to have it published on at least Amazon by the end of this week 🙂

Working pretty quickly through these next 10 chapters as well – should be done by lunch time tomorrow and hopefully the whole book by end of this week… wish me luck.

Time to get back to editing – just wanted to share the eBook on healthy weight loss being completed!!


June 5, 2012

July 2010 – November 2010

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When I first moved home, I started to fall off the wagon with my running. I had started to run because I wanted to be an officer in the Army but alas my eyes were no good, but I kept running because I saw the pounds fading fast.

I must be more specific here…running is such a concrete term… Really I was jogging with many, many episodes of walking, but every day my mother would come home from work (yep I moved into the apartment over the garage) and ask me if I ran and how far I had gone. I decided the competitor in me needed a goal. Yes, losing weight was a goal, but I needed to really challenge myself, so I signed up for a 5K at my school.

I could barely run a complete mile and I signed up for a 3.2 miles race and I plastered it ALL over Facebook and told everyone and anyone who would listen about it. Why? So I wouldn’t chicken out. I had to stop a few times and walk but I finished, I wasn’t last, and I was hooked. I signed up for a 5-miler for November 2010.

I ran every other day to train. I didn’t really know anything about training at that point. I would gradually add a few minutes each week. I didn’t cross-train or do hills or add long runs at this point. November came and with a sprained knee (courtesy of my dogs) I ran the whole race in just over an hour. Yes, I was learning what “runner’s high” was all about.

The best part was the pounds shedding. I had dropped another 15lbs by this race and was at about 196 through the holiday season. I managed to maintain it since doctor’s orders were to not run for over a month after racing on a sprained knee.

Oops…lol I can’t help the competitor in me,

P.s. more to come later 🙂

May 31, 2012


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How is it that I have ALL this FREE time yet I still feel like I’m not getting anything done or at least I feel underwhelmed by it all.  I have now applied for over 50 freelancing jobs and I’ve had some bites but still only the one concrete job which I have gotten a good jump on and will have done by this weekend (at the latest).  Though I have managed a surprise for my Mom  – can’t wait to unveil it!!  Her schedule just isn’t cooperating with me to take some pics… she’s working all weekend so I should be able to finish it Saturday!  I’ll share more then.

I have realized these past couple of days that I get WAY more work done when I actually go to bed early and start on a regular schedule.  Sleeping past 8:30 just messes with my day and subsequent motivation.  How do people purposefully stay unemployed?  I mean, really?  I just don’t get it!  I can’t not work – it’s just not me.  I know some people really do try and find jobs but many just collect and our government makes it so easy.  And Health Care?  OMG I can get better healthcare for 1/2 what I was paying before being unemployed, and I don’t have to be on unemployment to get it.  It’s absolutely insane.

TIME to get back on track – dogs to daycare tomorrow and me off to Newport to go for a run with Peter before heading to the beach.  Will work on my writing and do some reading at the beach and then lesson plans when I get home in the evening – feels really good to have a plan of attack!

Sleepy time to make sure it all gets done 🙂


May 25, 2012


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So, today is the end of my first week of being unemployed.  It feels weird, but liberating at the same time.  Overall, the week has been fun, not too stressful, and rewarding.  The job search is still going strong, though my fiance did take me to New York Wednesday and we ate at my new favorite restaurant:  Kefi!!

I’ve been hunting for freelancing writing jobs and sending my resume to various colleges and universities in North Carolina, though now I was asked to possibly look into NY jobs as well.  I’ve also had time to write this week and started working on my book ideas.  I filed for the dreaded unemployment as well just in case I don’t find something right away.  I am going to have to come up with a plan.  Sleeping in late and starting my day at noon just doesn’t work for me.  After getting in at 4:30am from NY on Thursday morning I did need the sleep today to get back on schedule, but I do soooo much better with a plan.  Yes, I am a planner – always have been and I don’t see it changing anytime soon 🙂

Ah, Kefi –  If you like Greek food and you are ever in NYC you MUST eat there.  The food is to die for – absolutely delicious.  The octopus appetizer is my favorite followed by the “Selection of Spreads”.  If you like rabbit then that dish is a must.  I do have to say I was upset this time around because we didn’t arrive for dinner until 9pm and they were out of the rabbit 😦 Everything on the menu I’ve tasted has been excellent and many are things I never thought I would ever try, never mind actually like (i.e. octopus).  The entire dinner was wonderful, the company even greater, and I know it made Peter start considering a side trip to NY before our North Carolina move.

Great little mini trip to break up the week.  Now back to the job search and then some writing on my book!!


May 22, 2012

Easter 2010

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Easter Sunday 2010 – I went to visit my grandmother, aunt, and cousin in Florida for a few days.  It changed my life forever.  I saw a picture that my Aunt took of my grandmother and myself.  I wanted to cry.  I could not believe how fat I was.  Not heavy; not a few extra pounds; I had gotten fat.  When I got home I weighed myself and found that I was now 238lbs.  At 5’10” I was round in places you are not meant to be.  I could barely fit into my size 16 clothes and xL shirts.  I was on the verge of having to move into 18s and xxL.  I vowed this WAS NOT going to happen.

First, I emptied my fridge and cupboards of ALL unhealthy foods.  It killed me to throw things away, but I knew if it was in the house I would eat it.  I stopped eating fast food and no longer drank soda.  Now, I didn’t completely deprive myself.  I LOVE LOVE chocolate so I kept some dark chocolate in the house and bought frozen fruit-bars and fudge-icles.

Notice that at first I did NOT watch portions or even add in any real exercise – I do have 2 dogs and I did add about 5 minutes on to our morning walks when I woke up on time.  In the first 6 weeks I lost 10lbs and the only thing I did was cut out soda, no more stops at McDonalds, brought my lunch to work, and made sure the groceries I bought were healthier:  whole grains, salads, more veggies, and fruits – I walked the outside of the grocery store and stayed away from the cookies and sugary snacks but I didn’t starve myself and I sure as heck didn’t cut out all the sweets (see above).

After I got used to eating better, then I started adding in more walks with my dogs – and so by the end of the summer I had lost another 10lbs so by the end of August/Beginning of September I was down to 218 – this took me 5 months roughly to lose that 20lbs.  After the first 10lbs my 16s and xL fit the way they were supposed to.  By 20lbs I had to buy new clothes.  Still XL tops but I moved to a size 14 pants.

During this time, I also moved back home from SC to MA.  This is where the next part of my story happened and where I lost the next 30lbs.  Yes, I have lost a total of 50lbs in the past 2 years and I still have 15 more to go.  I want to share my story to help those of you and show that the regular person can lose weight without all the fancy gimmicks and diet fads/pills.

I hope my journey can help someone else,


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